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Our 3d business is UK run and owned, our rates are very competitive compared to other companies. 3d Design London was setup by veteran 3d artists and engineers with over 60 years experience split between us. Our work can be seen in films, television, magazines and all over the internet. We work for advertising agencies, film and tv production, architects, engineering companies and even motorsport companies. We produce 3d Models and props, CNC products, 3d Printed Models and have a fully equipped engineering department for making almost anything. We really do a wide range of projects.
We are a London based 3d model and rapid manufacturing service - products and props, sets and special effects, architecture, interiors, printing service and 3d printing. If you have a project large or small? Get in touch and talk to us about making it happen. We can help you establish your brief and develop concepts.
What type of business or company needs 3d design? In our experience almost every company can use it either for manufacture, training, design or marketing.
 Calling all designers, architects, interior designers, product designers, engineers, video companies, film and production companies, exhibition designers and digital signage companies. We are a design and rapid manufacturing company offering everything. We don't just make virtual art and design we can also create real fixtures, fittings, prototypes, final production samples and printed visuals. In house large CNC Milling, CNC Plasma and Laser Cutting.
Our expertise covers video animation, 3d modelling but we are also known for our ability to make bespoke one off pieces for almost anything and small production runs for limited products, furniture, tooling and even packaging.
Our 3d and Design Services:
3d/2d CAD Computer Aided Design service
3d product design prototyping
3d engineering, architecture,
3d interiors, furniture and fittings
Welding and metal work
CNC Plasma cutting
CNC Lathe and milling
CNC Laser cutting
Metal casting and forging
Moulds for resing, plastics, carbon fibre etc
Conceptual services and consultation
Hand drawn artistic renderings and drawings
Exhibition stands and custom stands
Full video editing and motion graphics for film or broadcast
Anything artistic or 3d!
We are always available and charge excellent rates. Call or Email today!

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End To End Service

We can produce the files needed to get your CAD items ready for Manufacture and Prototyping. We can produce the marketing visuals and advertising images to find your audience! We can animate logos, products, characters for high impact video marketing. Simple Really. So if you have a big project ahead our consultancy and services will iron out the 3d kinks.

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